Board of Directors

Kelly Bainey
Mr. Kelly Bainey is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company. He is a qualified Optician who also holds the post of Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Opticians Registration Council. Additionally, Mr. Bainey is a Founding Director of Value Optical Limited, Optex Lab and Hi Tech Optical. He contributes to the work of the TTFZ through his wealth of experience as a businessman with over 19 years experience in Industry and Commerce. He also has12 years experience as an educator.
Keith Chin
Mr Keith Chin, CEO at the TTFZ, possesses an MBA in Export Management and International Business from the City University Business School, London, and a BBA in General Business from Pace University, New York. He has over twenty five years’ experience at the senior General Management level in the Distribution, Manufacturing and Services sectors. His work history covers a wide range of Organisations from small to medium entrepreneurial businesses, large Regional Group Companies, Multinational Professional Services Firms and Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies. Mr Chin’s work profile includes Business Planning and Development, Strategic Planning, Trade Marketing and Distribution, Human Resources Management, Change Management and General Management responsibilities.
William Lall Gaffar
Mr. William Lall Gaffar is a Director on the Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company (TTFZ). He is also the Chairman of the Human Resources Sub-Committee of the TTFZ's Board. He holds a BSc. in Economics and a Diploma in Education. Mr. Gaffar has made an outstanding contribution to Trinidad and Tobago's Educational System and boasts of over thirty years experience in this field. As a Director, Mr. Gaffar conveys the sentiments of the Board and welcomes the Global Business Community to take advantage of the opportunities offered by our Free Zone initiatives.
Darrell Lou-Hing
Mr. Darrell Lou-Hing is a Director on the Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company. He is a graduate of Presentation College Chaguanas who went on to become an Airline Pilot with Liat, Caribbean United Airlines and British West Indian Airways. Additionally, Mr. Lou-Hing is a Television Producer/Director attached to Ierevision Television Productions. In this regard, he has won two (2) Media Awards for Best Television Series and Best Entertainment Program. Mr. Lou-Hing has also held the posts of Media Manager with the BBC, Program Manager with Gayelle Television, and Operations Manager at the Cascadia Hotel & Conference Centre. Mr. Lou-Hing brings to the TTFZ his vast and versatile experience in the areas of aerodynamics and media-related expertise.
Bryan Pedro
Mr. Bryan Pedro, Director on the TTFZ's Board, has been involved in the finacial services industry for over twenty five years. He brings to the company a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing clients with financial solutions that best suit their needs. He has travelled extensively and attended various conferences and workshops abroad to further enhance his successful career. He has been a member of the "Million Dollar Round Table", a very prestigious group that has been known to produce only 2% of the world's best insurance agents. He has been awarded several different awards for excellence in his field and prides himself on being able to serve others in his community. Mr. Pedro is happily married and a very proud father of one.
Rasheed Ali
Mr. Rasheed Ali, Director on the TTFZ's Board, is the founder of Pato's Auto Supplies Ltd, later known as Select Auto Parts Ltd. He is presently the President of the Cunupia Business Association and a founding member of the Cunupia Crime Watch. Mr. Ali has built his business from the ground up from very humble beginnings into what is now a solid company and a leading auto parts retailer in Trinidad. He is a pillar in his community who is very active in community building. He is always eager to assist many who look to him for leadership and innovative ideas. Mr. Ali serves on the Human Resources Committee of the Board.
Neville Blake
Mr. Neville Blake, Director on the TTFZ’s Board, brings in-depth Public Sector experience at a very senior level, in trade policy formulation and implementation and in export development. He had been for several years; inter alia, the leader of the National Team in the negotiation of Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties with several countries outside of CARICOM. Mr. Blake had also been the Lead Technical Official of the national delegation in trade and investment-related meetings and other deliberations at the CARICOM level. His quantum experience and expertise augurs well for the work of the TTFZ where he sits on the Human Resources and Finance, Planning and Investment Committees.
Cherry Ann Rajkumar
Cherry Ann T.B. Rajkumar, Director on the TTFZ's Board, holds a Masters in International Business Law, specifically in the areas of Company and Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Marine Insurance and Carriage of Goods. Additionally, she has achieved academic excellence and graduated with the following qualifications: BA Honours (Literature Linguistics and Theater Arts), LLB Honours (London) and LEC (Hugh Wooding Law School). She brings to the TTFZ a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of International Trade and Joint Ventures.
Priya Ganness Nanton
Priya Ganness-Nanton, Director on the TTFZ's Board, is a Social and Community Activist and an Executive Member of the National Foodcrop Farmers Association (NFFA), Rights Action Group (RAG) and Trinidad and Tobago United Fisherfolk (TTUF). She is an active voice within communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and has represented these interests on national, regional and international platforms. In 2010, she was nationally recognised for her outstanding community service. She is committed to making a contribution towards sustainable development, social justice and social responsibility, and believes that effective nation building begins with strengthening communities. She serves on the Human Resources and the Finance, Planning and Investment Sub Committees.
Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott, Director on the TTFZ's Board, is a Senior Business Analyst at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He is responsible for monitoring all State Entities under the purview of the Ministry. He has contributed to the work of the Public Sector at the Senior Level for over 10 years. Mr Scott holds a professional accounting qualification and a Masters in Business Administration from the Heriot-Watt University. He brings to the TTFZ his business acumen and serves as Chairman of the Tenders' Committee of the Board of Directors.
Deonarine Sarabjit
Mr. Deonarine Sarabjit, Director on the TTFZ's Board, is a Graduate of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus. He has been active in the Industrial Chemical Sector of Trinidad and Tobago for the past twenty five years in both the Private and Public Sectors. He is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited (Lake Asphalt)" Mr. Sarabjit supports the TTFZ's initiatives through his contribution as the Chairman of the Finance, Planning and Investment Committee.